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20 September, 2018Rant Standard

Attachments attachments attachments.

Hi guys,
See error screenshot below.


Adam Adamness
Senior Architect
ACME Buildings Inc.


Adam just sent us a screenshot.

We use Zendesk. We use Zendesk without rich formatting. Intentionally.

Without rich formatting, any attachments get listed at the bottom of the comment. This includes in-line images.

In-line images are just attachments with an HTML reference to them.

Of the image attachments above, which of IMG001.jpg, IMG002.jpg and IMG003.png is the screenshot? Maybe it’s the png… that’s the odd one out. Nope, that’s the logo in the signature.

OK, it’s the first one then, first in the order of reading the email! IMG001.jpg – Nope! That’s a social button.

Darn, must be the second one then. opens – yep that’s it. And it’s too small a screenshot (snipping tool skillz) – I need to know which application this is and how long ago this was snipped (by the date-time). And a few other specific things that depend on the situation and error message.


Why was it the second one? I don’t know. The images had no name, they were just images. Email clients like to mix things up a bit, I guess. Why can’t people just have img src’s to their signature images, avoid all this stuff, clogging up mailboxes with useless signature images that can vary between 1K and 300K on a bad signature day? With the img src links, we just see the url in the place of the signature. Much cleaner. Especially where you deal with the same client throughout the day and all you can think of is their colourful signature image.

Because it’s easier I guess. Someone sends you a new signature to use, you copy/paste it in your email client and it automatically takes a copy of the images. No img src for you.


Then you get the clients who have one image in their signature for every sister company. So you end up with like 6 attachments you have to go through then you find the right one (which is always the last one you click on no matter which order you go in every time).










Any views expressed are of my own and definitely not of my employer. Or colleagues (despite what opinions we may share…). All characters (such as Adam Adamness) are fictitious and any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental (mostly).


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